The 5 Best Ways To Power Up Your Lead Generation Efforts

The 5 Best Ways To Power Up Your Lead Generation Efforts

Effective lead generation remains a mystery to many marketers. Many claims to have the secret to get leads constantly yet many of them fail to give proof of that. Just do a quick search on lead generation and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Plenty of articles to go about but little to no help is found in them.

There are 2 main reasons why this is the case. First, marketers and business owners search for that one killer lead generation strategy that will be their go-to strategy. Secondly, most people fail to realize that running a successful lead generation campaign is not reliant to manipulating quantifiable data. Most of the times, lead generation just works in your favor and you have no way of measuring your success.

Here’s my take on the proper lead generation methods. Lead generation should look more something like this.

  1. Make prospects realize what their problem is
  2. Have them address their problems
  3. Offer solutions then choose the most appropriate one for the problem
  4. Show prospects that you can help them solve their problem

This is what lead generation should look like. It is simple yet many people fail to implement this. Most of them think that business exposure is all it takes to get leads consistently. What they fail to understand is the need for personal touch when it comes to these matters. Showing your value and your worth to a potential customer makes them trusting towards you. This kind of lead generation is not only effective but also very simple.

Here are the 5 best lead generation practices that you can use to build a steady stream of quality leads. It does not matter whether you are a sales person trying to make a sale or a business owner trying to expand its market share, this technique will work for you. This should be your plan of action.

  1. Create blogs or personal website about your business

Almost everyone has a blog nowadays. Even the ones without a formal blog have some form of microblog they used consistently like Facebook and Twitter. Point is, blog is a great form of communication. It is informal and personal. A far cry from your usual business articles which are very formal to the point of being boring.

Creating a blog detailing your day or your business plan is a great way to take off steam from your day. Take note that it is informal and you can say whatever you want. It is a great way to communicate with people and express what you are truly feeling deep inside.

You may then ask how can this generate leads. To answer that, you have to think about brand recognition and reputation. Humans are social creatures and that means that we value relationships far more than any other species on this world. When you communicate using your personal feelings and experiences, you will connect more deeply to people. Although this may seem a bit too cheesy for some people, it works. A personable business owner will always get more leads compared to your average run-of-the-mill professional business owner.

  1. Social relationship building

Social media can be a great tool to generate leads but far too many people get sucked into the idea that you need to have thousands of followers or likes to become successful at this. The reality is, you only need a few dozen quality clients and your business is all set. However, getting quality leads through Facebook or Twitter can be hard since the communication you have there isn’t ‘social’ enough.

You need to change your social media posting style if you want to get quality leads. So instead of using social media as a broadcast tool, you need to start using social media as a public relations tool. Post content that is intriguing and influencing at the same time. Show your worth by answering people’s question no matter how small they are. Building good relationship with potential customers is always good for lead generation.

  1. Participate in seminars and webinars

To successfully generate leads, face-to-face education or meeting is a great tool. You can easily do this by creating seminars and webinars focusing on topics you are expert on. When a prospect hears what you have to say about a certain subject, they will realize your worth. When they are in time of need, they might think of seeking help from you. This is how you get leads.

  1. Encourage existing clients to get referrals for you

Getting referrals is a great way to expand any business. It is basically expanding your business by using your existing client’s own network. It is one of the most basic marketing strategy and it still works wonderfully today.

To encourage your clients to make referrals, you can give them discounts or reward whenever they bring referrals. This should expand your business and get the right referrals ushered to your doorstep. Very few businesses actually do this because they are afraid of clients abusing their referral discounts or rewards. Believe me, this will not be the case. The amount you will gain from getting new referrals far outweighs the amount you give out as referral discounts. If anything, it should be seen as a great investment on your part.

  1. Targeted email marketing

Email marketing is a relatively new marketing technique compared to other popular types of marketing. It wasn’t used until the sudden boom in popularity of emails. It became widespread when majority of people had access to it.

Fast forward to today, email marketing is now viewed in a negative light. This is due to spammers spamming and blasting email marketing letters to unsuspecting customers. Clearly, that isn’t the right way to generate leads. Still, spammers continued to do it and it painted a bad image to email marketing.

This email marketing I am about to recommend is different though. This does not consist of blasting out emails whenever you can to unsuspecting prospects. Instead, what you ought to do is build a list of targeted emails – maybe a list of emails of previous and potential clients. Filter this email according to your target demographic to thin it out even further. After this, what you need to do is compose a personalized email to them. Do not make the emails generic. Make it personalize to their experience with your firm or company. This will give them the impression that you value their opinions and they will likely avail more of your service.

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