The 10 Must Haves of Any Lead Generation Website

The 10 Must Haves of Any Lead Generation Website

Your leads will only be as good as the system that produced them. Luckily, designing an effective landing page that can quickly funnel leads to your business is not that overwhelming. There are many tools available that can be used to build landing page in a short amount of time. By looking at the best converting lead generation websites, you can see how and why they work. Below are some of the most popular lead generation techniques that you can use to quickly increase conversion rate. Additionally, it can increase trust factor and brand awareness for your business.

  1. Put a contact number

You need to put a contact number to your website even if you are just an online business. Businesses without contact number will look a bit sketchy for some clients. Even if you are not going to communicate often over telephone lines, it is still a good idea to put a contact number on your website. The presence of phone number on a business website will bring comfort to customers.

  1. Put forms on every page

Sometimes, prospects will not be able to access lead generation forms even if they are in the lead generation website. The reason for this is they are unable to navigate the website to find the actual lead generation form. Many websites make the mistake of putting the form in the most obscure places on the landing page. To give prospects easy access, you need to put forms on every page or every place on the website that makes sense.

Sometimes, asking for little information is better. Asking for minimum information makes it more likely to have prospects fill in. The less information you ask of your customers, the safer they would feel and the more likely they are to give it out. Aside from that, it would take them less time to fill up the form and this can mean higher conversion rate.

  1. Add testimonials to build reputation

Testimonials and feedback are both great ways to build reputation for your business. A positive opinion or feedback from your previous clients can certainly sway an undecided prospect in your favor. Reviews are powerful in a way that they can sway someone’s opinion using simple words. Using customer reviews on your lead generation website is a great way to build the confidence of your clients.

  1. Add infographics and photos to your website

Adding photos and rich media such as video or infographs are great ways to ensure that prospects will tune in to whatever you are trying to say. A short but informative video will catch the attention of any onlookers and make them inquire more about your services. Same with infographs where the data is interpreted in such a way that makes it easier to understand. Putting infographs or videos on your website whenever possible is a surefire way to get someone’s attention.

  1. Make your videos address the users/clients

Online videos that are interactive have bridged the gap between online and off-line commerce. The best videos for businesses speak to the user rather than at them. A recent study showed that clients that have watched a product video where more likely to convert than users who just watched an ad.

  1. Use trust seals on your landing page

Incorporating a trust seal on your page increases the conversion rate. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Users are drawn to a product based on their reputation and after sales support. If you can provide a proof that you can be trusted, all the worries of the customers will go away. This is why it is a good idea to put a trust seal on your website or landing page. This would serve as a guarantee to clients and have them be confident on their purchase.

  1. Be creative when describing your offer

Do not make the mistake of having a generic product offer. Use powerful words when describing your products since it can solicit a stronger reaction from customers. Strong reaction is what you want when offering a product. A simple and generic template for product offerings simply won’t cut it. By simply using action words like “get”, “limited offer”, or “get it now”, you can expect to get higher conversion rate.

Placing an action word smartly in your sales pitch can mean a world of difference in the world of marketing. Carefully planning your dialogue or speech has the ability to increase conversion rate more than any other method out there.

  1. Avoid using generic web design templates

If you want to stand out against the rest of your competition, you should work for it. That means striving to get unique content, web design, marketing strategy and more instead of just opting for cookie cutter website design. You need to be unique to make users or potential clients remember you. If your website is just like any other websites out there, clients won’t remember you. You will just end up being “one of those sites” where everything is very similar. A well and uniquely designed website also has a positive effect in increasing trust and customer confidence levels when shopping online.

  1. Understand what your goal is

When it comes to lead generation, you need to have a plan. Not just a plan but an end goal as well. Lead generation is only a part of a bigger business strategy so you need to plan well ahead of generating leads. Define your goals to help your determine exactly what actions you want to take as your leads continue to increase.  Clearly defining your goal ahead of implementing it will give you an easier time adjusting your marketing strategies.

  1. Learn to adapt

Everyone’s business is unique. Contrary to what many have led you to believe, there is not actual “perfect for all” solution for lead generation. The only absolute truth in lead generation is everyone’s different. What worked for others can sometimes work or not work for you – just like any other marketing strategies out there.

None of these tips will get you anywhere if you don’t learn how to adapt. Sure, you may face some challenges when first getting started but remember that this is normal. The first phase is the perfect time to experiment and test your strategies. Try to analyze the date and implement a strategy based off it.

One thing to remember when doing lead generation is testing is key. Test any strategies you want to use so you are able to see the difference it makes. Once you find the right balance, you are sure to get the best results possible. But that doesn’t stop there. You need to learn how to adapt in case there happens to be minor changes along the way.

Considering all this, lead generation can be somewhat complicated or easy depending on your outlook. Just turn into these tips to guide you when you are facing some challenges. These tips can be used to help you in a number of ways so be sure to implement them wherever and whenever you can.

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