Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

lead genHave you ever thought how many visitors are you losing because your website isn’t optimized for mobile? Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of modern life. They have not only changed the way how we look for information but also the way we shop. Every day, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to surf the web and make purchases. In fact, smartphone make up a quarter of all web traffic at present. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you could be missing out. We at Akron Lead Generation build your website that is fully optimized for the mobile devices.

Why Regular Websites Are Not Useful On Mobile Devices?

Nowadays, people prefer to use mobile websites since they make use of their smartphones more often than laptops. So when they use a phone/ tab to view the site, they expect your pages to work in view of that. But websites that aren’t improved for mobile have various problems. They are hard for the users to navigate and people won’t put the effort to learn how your site functions. Your existing website may have features that are not attuned with mobile devices, such as Flash. This type of content can affect ranking of your website. We can solve this problem and help people make the most of your website by optimizing it websites.

How Optimizing for Mobile Can Do Wonders for Your Business  

Mobile optimization means boundless profits for your website, business as well as users.

Increased traffic. One of the best things about mobile optimization is that search engines such as Google like mobile websites. When you have such a website you place yourself in a place for people to find you every time they’re use their device. People don’t wait to use the computer to search or shop. Rather they use their phones for this purpose now. Search engines identify mobile friendly sites and place them higher. So you are sure to get more traffic when your website is optimized.

Reduce bounce rates. When people visit your website, within 2 seconds they make up their mind if they want to stay or leave the site. So if your website is not easy to explore and doesn’t look fine on their screen, they are sure to leave the page instantly. On the other hands, a website that is optimized is simple to use; it will make the users stay for long, resulting increased leads.

Increase conversions. A mobile-friendly website makes it easy for people to do what wish. It’s hard to get a conversion, and not having an optimized site is just making your work tougher.

Why Akron Lead Generation?

We understand the importance of your website. It is the reflection of your business company and we make it within the reach and view of all by making it mobile-friendly. Akron Lead Generation is well familiar with the best industry practices and standards, and know what works best. We have proven track record that can give you a fair idea about what makes us the best lead generating service for your business.

How We Do It

We at Akron Lead Generation follow a step by step approach to provide you with a power-packed mobile optimized website. We start by looking at your current website and analyze how your current visitors use the site. It gives a clear idea of the developments and strategies that we need to put into practice for getting you the best outcome at all times. Thus we make an all-in-one transition between desktop and mobile sites, working with your current design and optimizing it to fit all devices.